making remote work human

Working from Home is Here to Stay.

Emotional intelligence is required 

Emotional Intelligence was always important. But even more so for remote work.

Remote work can be challenging in different ways. Since we're not working in the office and meeting colleagues in person, we now communicate via Zoom, emails, and texts. What we mean needs to clearer and more detailed. 


Distractions are another challenge at home. The need is even greater for managing your emotions, your family, and staying self-motivated.


There is no “water cooler” while working remotely. Which can make it difficult to navigate office politics, show empathy, and feel part of the team. Colleagues may be facing anxieties and challenges at home we may be unaware of. Therefore, we need  empathy more than ever.


There is a greater need for learning how to manage your emotions. People are more anxious, polarized, worried about their families and their health, and their future. But they are required to maintain their cool while at work, be focused, work well with others, and achieve results.


Our social skills are the lubricant that ensure smooth and harmonious collaboration, negotiation and problem-solving that is needed to get work done. These skills now need to be applied on Zoom and other tech tools we rely on.

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