We are an emotional intelligence program

Designed to tackle the challenges of remote work

Use AI

Focus on 



Growth Mindset

Maximize retention through

active learning 

Use principles

from neuroscience and behavioral psychology


1 out of 3 remote employees feels disengaged.


Lack of transparency and trust are amplified


Misunderstood roles and responsibilities

Difficult to read nonverbal cues and harder to read the room

Difficult to collaborate and brainstorm

Lack of empathy for personal stuff (e.g. kids at home)


The cost of having disengaged employees is very high.


Add these up. Decline in productivity. Reduced creativity and innovation. And lack of in-person role models and mentors for new hires. Your company will lose its competitive edge.


No one wants that. And that's where we come in. 

Decline in productivity

The Solution.

Emotionally Speaking has developed an emotional intelligence program designed to address the challenges of remote work.


Topics covered include self-awareness, communication, responsibility, and self motivation. In addition, as more employees go through our program, we help build a culture of trust in the organization. 


Our program is customized to meet each employee's needs. There are bite-sized lessons and hands-on learning. They include many engaging activities and exercises. And to make the program rewarding and fun, we have leaderboards. We use behavioral neuroscience. What makes our program really work? **(answer it) -- maybe links to sections below


The need for this is even more critical because of the other things that sustain in-person interactions are missing with remote work. Emotionally Speaking can help your organization tackle the challenges of remote work. 

Our solution is scalable, technology-based, and assisted by AI. 

Our Approach

Emotional intelligence skills are at the center of everything we do. Our approach is simple with a focus on self-awareness and growth. We help you identify what works and what doesn't. And we offer you support, guidance, and strategies to help make remote work more enjoyable and successful.  

Levels of Emotional Intelligence Training


It Starts with You

Level 1 focuses on the self.


Being emotionally intelligent starts with us. And the first step is self-awareness.


We help you figure out your strengths, challenges, areas that need more growth, and your goals. We help you make emotional intelligence work for you personally.   

This is YOU

Making emotional intelligence work for you. Remote work. You've got this!

Level 1 Topics


Identify your goals

Managing stress

Using your time wisely


Self motivation



And Now There are Two

Level 2 focuses on our interactions with others.


Being self aware is great. But the next step is applying emotional intelligence skills to how we interact with other people. 


We help you figure out what's working and what isn't, where you need help, and the specific interactions that are most challenging.  We help you make emotional intelligence work for your relationships. It's time to ace remote work. 

This is your interaction with OTHER people

Your boss


Making emotional intelligence work for your relationships. 



Level 2 Topics




body language/tone

difficult conversations

resolving conflict

building trust


We're all part of the whole

Level 3 focuses on the connections between larger groups.


How we interact with other people matters. But, how groups within a department or company use emotional intelligence is vital. That's how we build a culture of trust.


We help teams and departments work together better. And we help your organization figure out what's working and what isn't.  We build stronger work relationships, increased trust, unclog problem spots, and help you build  an emotionally intelligent organization. 

This is the interaction of EVERYONE in the organization

Making emotional intelligence work for all parts of the company. 

Your department


Other departments


Dispersed workforce

Level 3 Topics

culture of trust






goal alignment

difficult situations

resolving conflict

building relationships

Let's make emotionally intelligent work cultures together 


others +

you +

emotionally intelligent work culture

Create meaningful outcomes with Emotionally Speaking

Unique curricula for remote work 

We do not believe in a one-size-fits-all solution. Every person and organization's challenges with remote work are unique. In real life, we apply emotional intelligence so it fits that specific circumstance. So, why should an emotional intelligence learning program be any different? It shouldn't. And with Emotionally Speaking, it isn't. 

Self-paced Learning Path

Hands-on Learning Groups

Emotional Intelligence Coaches

Deep Dives for In-depth Practice

Self-paced Learning Path

The learning path is where you will gain emotional intelligence skills to help you master remote work.


The program focuses on self awareness and a growth mindset and has three levels: the self, people you work with, and the organization. Each level has core lessons, recommended activities, and many additional topics to further your skill set. The curricula is based on active learning and includes practice sessions. 

Features of the Learning Path

Evidence-based curricula

Follows active learning principles

Nudges to help you stay on track

Customized to fit your specific needs

Dashboard to track your progress

Bite-sized lessons 

Assessments to tailor your lessons



Hands-on Learning Groups

The hands-on learning groups are where you practice real-life scenarios within a small, virtual group. 


The learning groups help you build practical skills related to remote work. Groups are peer led and all practices are confidential.  Groups also have the ability to direct which learning path they want to pursue and to select specific scenarios to practice based on their needs. The materials for group learning is based on neuroscience, psychology, and active learning principles. 

Features of Hands-on Learning Groups

Evidence-based curricula

Follows active learning principles

Nudges to help you stay on track

Customizable topics

Virtual group meetings

Wide selection of scenarios  

Easy online group sign ups

Assessments to tailor your lessons


Emotional Intelligence Coaches

Our emotional intelligence coaches are an integral part of the learning program where you get 1:1 sessions to help you problem solve and further your growth.  


The emotional intelligence coaching is mean to help you focus on specific situations that need problem solving, help you work on goals and assess sticky areas, and support for your wellness. All coaching sessions are confidential. Coaching sessions help track your learning progress and provide the right nudges to help you flourish.

Features of Emotional Intelligence Coaching

Trained cognitive behavior coaches

All coaches trained in EQ

Scalable coaching tools

Nudges to help you stay on track

Virtual 1:1 sessions

Sessions are confidential   

Coach feedback helps direct learning

Easy online signup

Deep Dives for More In-depth Practice


The deep dives are group sessions for more in-depth practice of specific skills or topics. Most sessions focus on real-life scenarios while other deep dives feature a speaker with a Q&A. 


You can sign up for as many deep dives as you want. Deep dive topics are posted on a monthly rotating schedule. So, if you miss a session one month, you can sign up for it the next time. And of course, new deep dives are added to the calendar every month. 

Features of Deep Dives for More In-depth Practice

Evidence-based curricula

Follows active learning principles

Nudges to help you stay on track

More in-depth topics

Virtual group meetings

Wide selection of scenarios

Live lectures with Q&A sessions  

Easy online group sign ups

Let's make remote work more human.