Emotional intelligence matters. Even more so when working remotely.


Our approach is simple. We focus on self-awareness and growth mindset. We help you identify what works and what doesn't. And we offer learning tools, support and strategies. These make remote work more organic. And easier and more efficient.


We believe that small changes can have a big impact. Both in employees and in organizations. Therefore when employees learn and grow, the result not only benefits them alone, but others in their teams. 


First, we help you develop your own self and your emotional intelligence skills. Then, we work on how you interact with others. And finally, when all employees go though our learning program, it helps builds a culture of trust. And this makes remote work more efficient and productive.


Our lessons are bite-sized. And utilize active learning. This makes the retention of the learning material unusually high. And helps keep everyone awake in our learning program.


Our programs are also artistic and fun. We like humor. And we have a personality. You will see that in our products.


All of our products are on a technology platform that is simple to use and scalable.

Let's Take a Look at the Challenges of Remote Work

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Communication for Remote Work


Productivity Program &

Self-awareness Builder

Hard to focus

and manage time wisely

Emoji Tool & Communication for Remote Work


Difficult to read nonverbal cues and harder to read the room



Lack of mentorship for new hires

Lack of transparency and trust are amplified

Emotional Intelligence Program

Emotional Intelligence Program

Misunderstood roles and responsibilities

Emotional Intelligence Program

Lack of empathy for personal stuff (e.g. kids at home)

Brainstorming Room & Communication for Remote Work Program

Difficult to collaborate and brainstorm

Remote Water Cooler Tool & Mentoring Program

Hard to navigate office politics working remotely

Productivity Program & Self-awareness Builder

Decline in productivity

Productivity Program &

Self-awareness Builder

Blurred lines between work and home

Levels of Emotional Intelligence Training


It Starts with You

Level 1 focuses on the self.


Being emotionally intelligent starts with you. And the first step is self-awareness.


We help you figure out your strengths, challenges, areas that need more growth, and your goals. You will discover more about who you really are. Along with things that work for you and those that don't. Small changes can make a big difference. 

This is YOU

You - self-awareness is the first step

Self-awareness is the first step towards making a big difference in your life.  


And Now There are Two

Level 2 focuses on our interactions with others.


Being self aware is great. But the next step is applying emotional intelligence skills to how we interact with other people. 


We help you figure out what's working and what isn't, where you need help, and the specific interactions that are most challenging.  We help you make emotional intelligence work for your relationships. It's time to ace remote work. 

This is your

interaction with OTHERS

Such as:





Emotionally intelligent team

How we interact with others is important and can make all the difference with remote work.


We're all part of the whole

Level 3 focuses on the connections between larger groups.


How we interact with other people matters. But, how groups within a department or company use emotional intelligence is vital. That's how we build a culture of trust.


We help teams and departments work together better. And we help your organization figure out what's working and what isn't.  We build stronger work relationships, increased trust, unclog problem spots, and help you build  an emotionally intelligent organization. 

Culture of Trust

This is the interaction of EVERYONE in the organization

Your department

Other departments

Dispersed workforce

A Culture of Trust is Essential for Remote Work

Emotional Intelligence makes that possible. 

Compared with people at low-trust companies, people at high-trust companies report: 

74% less stress, 

106% more energy at work, 

50% higher productivity, 

13% fewer sick days, 

76% more engagement, 

29% more satisfaction with their lives, 

40% less burnout.*

*Paul J. Zak, Harvard Business Review article (January - February, 2017) 

Let's make remote work more human.