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Meet Dave
Senior VP at work. Father of two. Both girls. Sports enthusiast. Proud owner of a dog named Max. 

Dave seems like a pretty Zen guy now. And he's not shy about letting his little girl pretend he is one of her dolls. In many ways, Dave is the modern day warrior. He's focused, able to manage his emotions, and stay calm. 

But he wasn't always like this. 

He used to lose his cool at work. And at home. Especially if the kids were running around. He would get distracted and carried a lot of stress around all the time. 

He would also get mad at the slightest provocation. His marriage was on the verge of falling apart. And things at work were no better. Some professional relationships were starting to get damaged.

But Dave knew things had to change. So, he started his warrior journey inward. He learned to be more calm, patient, and focused. 

Dave figured out what was important.

We all have jobs to do. And many of us have kids. There will often be things that bring us stress. And distractions to tempt us. But the goal is to stay focused. To not get stressed under pressure. Especially when dealing with difficult 
people or situations. To enjoy your kid wanting to be near you. What's a little hair bow going to hurt?

Dave is managing his emotions. And remaining Zen. And you can too.



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