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We do not believe in a one-size-fits-all solution. Every person and organization's challenges with remote work are unique.


Emotionally Speaking has created customized learning programs and tools to address the needs of employees and your organization. 

Our solution is scalable, technology-based, assisted by AI, and driven by humans.  

Emotional Intelligence for a New Era

We all know that emotional intelligence is important for succeeding at work. But how could it help us if we are working remotely?


Emotional intelligence has always been important when we meet face-to-face. It helps us read body language, non verbal cues, and respond with empathy.


These skills are even more important now for remote work. The challenge is that we can't apply them in exactly the same way as in person. What is required is a new type of emotional intelligence. Version 2.0.


We need to blend technology and our humanness. So we can amplify human connection in our communication. Good communication requires us to see things from another’s point of view (have empathy), apply social skills (even if it's via Zoom), and use our communication skills (via email and texts).


We are emotional creatures. But are now forced to communicate, build, innovate and collaborate without seeing each other face-to face.


We are more than machines working behind computer screens and sending each other electronic signals. We are humans. That has not changed. We can survive this challenge. With emotional intelligence.


So how do we get better at remote work? We have worked with some neuroscientists to come up with some tools that can help.

Emotional Intelligence for Remote Work

Communication for Remote Work

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