Human relationships

at work matter.

emotional intelligence makes that possible

Emotionally Speaking is a human solution* to the challenges of remote work.

* Our solution is scalable, technology-based, assisted by AI, and driven by humans.

First, let's talk about the problem.


It used to be in person. 


Work got done in the office, over coffee, maybe lunch. Or at the conference room table. We used body language. A smile, a laugh, a shrug.

The tone of our voice meant something. Remote work has changed that.

We can't fall back on those in person meetings to talk over next over next steps. Or to clarify what that email meant. We can't work late around the same table, sketching out ideas until one of them sticks.

Business Team

Things are more challenging now. Remote work communication is mostly through text, video calls, and emails. Is the technology pretty cool? Yes. Could we communicate better? Yes. 

Even though the pandemic has changed how we work, let's not forget that we are also humans. That hasn't changed. What we need now is a new version of emotional intelligence.

Woman Typing

Not using our emotional intelligence skills can make day-to-day challenges at work more difficult.

  • Lack of transparency and trust are amplified

  • Misunderstood roles and responsibilities

  • Decline in productivity in some industries

  • Difficult to collaborate and brainstorm

  • Miscommunication

  • Lack of empathy for employee's outside of work stresses (e.g. kids at home)

  • More difficult to read nonverbal cues and therefore harder to read the room

  • More challenging to figure out office politics and to navigate in a remote environment 

Now, let's talk about the solution.

Emotionally Speaking helps companies embrace remote work by making it more human. We believe that emotional intelligence makes that possible.


Our solution is scalable, technology-based, assisted by AI, and driven by humans.


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Go more in-depth on specific topics of emotional intelligence.



  • topics identified by AI

  • 2 hours/topic

  • meet virtually 

  • employees sign up or assigned by manager or coach


all employees 

Teams learn how to apply emotional intelligence to remote work.



  • customized selection of topics

  • meet virtually one hour/week

  • group moderator

  • hands-on learning


all employees


  • 1:1 sessions

  • meet virtually twice/month

  • additional sessions available

  • coach-recommended deep dives, topics, and strategies

  • can choose type of coach (business or wellness)

Employees have access to business and emotional wellness coaches to guide them. They get help with:

  • anxiety

  • emotional wellness

  • problem-solving 

  • conflict

  • career planning

Let's make remote work

more human.