We all have challenges.
What are yours?

Emotionally Speaking can help.

Emotionally Speaking is good for you


We help you set and reach goals. Reduce stress. Tackle burnout. And improve your mental and emotional well-being.


Emotionally Speaking offers a fresh and new approach to mental and emotional wellness. Being human can be hard.


And finding support and guidance is no longer for a select few. We can all benefit from it.  

We offer group coaching, mindfulness training, individual coaching/therapy, and emotional intelligence learning. And we use behavioral psychology and neuroscience-based techniques. Plus a little humor. So you can succeed.

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Getting emotional and mental support makes a difference

Emotionally Speaking's coaching + mindfulness + learning can help you reduce stress, increase self-motivation, reach your goals, and reduce burnout. And we're just getting started. 

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of members reported feeling less stressed

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of members rated their sessions as life changing

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of members saw increased self-motivation




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Coaching/Therapy + Mindfulness + Learning


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