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Our People

We love to swim, bike, read, and hike. We enjoy jazz and classical music. And rock and hip hop.
We are a team of humans with our own interests, talents, and imperfections. By training, we are neuroscientists, engineers, artists, coaches, and organizational psychologists. Some are writers or cultural anthropologists. And yes, one of us is even a comedian.
You could say we are life long learners who highly value mental and emotional health and want it to be more accessible to people. We have a tailored and useful approach to mental and emotional wellness.



Kirti Vaswani

Chief Executive Officer

Kirti has had senior roles in IT management and consulting. He ran an experimental lab in Mumbai that taught emotional intelligence to college students. He speaks 6 languages. He traveled a lot before the pandemic, lived in India, worked in Uruguay and Mexico and studied in the UK in his junior year of college. He has a BA in History (Honors) from Connecticut College and a Masters in Theological Studies (Hinduism & Sanskrit) from Harvard University. He enjoys reading, nature, swimming in the ocean and being a human guinea pig.

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Jennifer C. Johnson

Chief Creative Officer

Jennifer has had leadership roles in the medical sciences, higher ed, and as a creative director. She has deep experience in creating and developing impact initiatives in healthcare, education, and community outreach. She loves traveling the world and last ventured to India. She was Valedictorian and a Park Scholar (full scholarship). She has a BA in English, minor in Spanish, and Premedical Studies from NC State University; a MA in English (NC State), a MS in Neuroscience (MSU), and a Certificate in Entrepreneurship & Innovation from Harvard Business School. She is also certified in Mindfulness-Based Stress-Reduction and is a professional coach.  She loves to paint, swim, mediate, cook, read, and be in nature.

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Advisory Board

Stephen Kosslyn update profile pic.png

Stephen Kosslyn

Former Dean, Harvard University

Professor of Psychology

& Neuroscience

Asset 14_edited.jpg

Margaret-Ellen Christensen

Former HR Director, J2 Global

Director of Experience, Diversity & Culture, The Arena Group


Ganesh Balasubramaniam

Director of IT, Optum
Healthcare Enterprise Architect & Leader

AI/ML Engineering

Kenneth Pugh.png

Kenneth Pugh

Professor of Psychology, UCONN

Associate Professor of Linguistics, Yale University & Director of Haskins Laboratories

Asset 45_300x.png

Andreas Fredrich

Managing Business Analyst

Seasoned IT and E-commerce director and strategist

Our Team at Emotionally Speaking


Our Mission

Emotionally Speaking's mission is to make mental and emotional wellness more accessible. To provide people with the tools and support they need, when they need it.

A holistic and tailored approach to mental and emotional wellbeing is more essential than ever before.

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