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Mindfulness Training

Learning Journeys

Emotionally Speaking Platform

A place to be your best you



Emotionally Speaking Platform


Our platform is based on the concept of a journey inward. A place of self discovery and an opportunity to be your best version.


The platform provides your employees access to talk with a coach/therapist, practice mindfulness, attend live classes and workshops, and start learning journeys. Our content is customized and tailored to help maximize learning and retention. 


Access to network of coaches and therapists

Mindfulness training (breathwork, meditation, Yoga Nidra, music therapy, reflections, daily well-being tool)

Live online classes and workshops on emotional and mental well-being (such as stress reduction)

Learning journeys developed by behavioral psychologists and neuroscientist on topics such as preventing burnout, managing kids while working from home, overcoming self-sabotage, and more

Daily well-being tool to help promote healthy habits

Self-awareness tool

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