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Journey Inward

on the Emotionally Speaking Platform


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Emotionally Speaking Platform


Our platform is based on the concept of a journey inward. A place of self discovery and an opportunity to be your best version.


The platform provides you access to talk with a coach/therapist, practice mindfulness, attend live classes and workshops, and start a learning journey. Our content is customized and tailored to help maximize learning and retention. 

Places in the Platform:

Basecamp - find resources and get started

Wisdom Tree Circle cutout (with outline .png

The Wisdom Tree - get guidance from an AI guru

Mindfullness corner Circle cutout (with outline.png

Mindfulness Corner - find calm through meditations, music therapy, breathwork, yoga, and live classes

Get Support Circle cutout (with outline.png

The Overlook - get human support from a coach/therapist in our network

Refletion Pond Circle cutout (with outline.png

Reflection Pond - practice gratitude and reflect in a journal

Explores Beach Circle cutout (with outline.png

Explorers' Beach - start a learning journey developed by behavioral psychologists and neuroscientists

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