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Meet Diane

Diane is a manager for a company in the northwest. She is a well-liked and effective leader. 
In this moment, she is highly focused on an important Zoom meeting with her team. She is working from home like many people in her company. 
She is about to answer some key questions for the team. But her husband, Bob, thought he would go give his wife a hug. Not knowing that she was in a meeting. Bob walks into the room to find his wife and gets caught naked almost in full view of the camera. Luckily, he quickly realizes the situation and swiftly walks backwards, saving Diane some embarrassment from her colleagues. 
Unfortunately, Diane sees her husband's reflection and her face goes white then red. To say she is horrified is an understatement. 
She quickly looks at her colleagues to see if they noticed anything. Everyone seemed normal. Still alarmed, Diane's mind is racing. Then, the Vice President of her division happily says, "So, everyone, now Diane will answer any of your questions. Unless we have another guest appearance from Bob."
Diane needs:
  • boxers for her husband,
  • a sign so her husband knows she's in a meeting,
  • help in managing kids (and spouse) while working from home, and
  • guidance in how to manage distractions while working from home

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*Disclaimer - The above videos are actors and not actual customers. The claims are accurate in that using mental health services can provide real benefits to individuals, although actual results may vary.

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