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Meet Steve

Steve is the opposite of Dave. He is not having a good day.

He is a lawyer in a big law firm in New York City. And he has worked over 70 hours this week, and it's only Friday. 

Steve just received a call from his client on some rework with a deadline for Monday morning. So now he has to work over the weekend when he promised to take his eight year old daughter, Chloe, to the
zoo. The reality is that Steve doesn't have much time to spend with his little girl. After not attending birthday parties, playdates at the park, or even being able to read a bedtime story to her in the evening, Steve really wanted this time to be different. He wanted to be present for her.

But work. His client. This deadline. Unending paperwork and filings.

His client's demands mean that Steve will have to break his promise to his daughter. And work through the entire weekend to get this additional stuff done. 

Steve needs:
  • coach to help his figure out how to manage work and home,
  • emotional energy release exercises,
  • prevent burnout learning journey,
  • stress management strategies, and
  • healthy ways to manage emotions

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