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Meet Taylor

Taylor feels free at last. 

It has been a difficult few years. It all began when her daughter Elaine was diagnosed with cancer. They tried everything and even enrolled her in a medical trial in Baltimore. 
This meant that Taylor needed to quit her job and move with Elaine so she can receive the treatments. But after almost two years, sadly, Elaine lost her battle to cancer. Taylor was left without her ten year old little girl. And her heart was so heavy. So full of grief. 

Taylor was used to trauma in some ways. Her husband was abusive and the stress of dealing with a dying child made him even more dangerous and unpredictable. Looking back, Taylor isn't sure how she survived those years spent at the hospital with Elaine, talking to doctors, specialists, putting on a happy face for her child, and trying to manage a volatile spouse. Self-care wasn't even on her radar.

Their child's death was the breaking point. Taylor finally left her husband and moved back home to Chicago. And then all the grief and trauma of an abusive relationship started pouring out of her. 

A close friend of hers named Kristine helped Taylor get into therapy for her PTSD, enroll in grief counseling, and find a coach to help get her life back on track. Taylor dug deep and worked diligently to find inner healing. 

She eventually started to feel lighter, more joyful. The days didn't feel so dark anymore. And Taylor was ready to start a new life for herself. She knew she wanted to give back and to help others like herself. So she went back to school and completed her MSW degree. Luckily, her graduate advisor Trish helped her land a position in a Chicago outreach program for trauma survivors. 

Now, Taylor helps others deal with their painful experiences. And there is joy in finally reaching the other side of trauma and in being a guiding light for others on their path to a new life. 

The help Taylor got:
  • therapy for PTSD
  • grief counseling
  • coaching to restart her career

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*Disclaimer - The above videos are actors and not actual customers. The claims are accurate in that using mental health services can provide real benefits to individuals, although actual results may vary.

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