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Meet Paul

Paul works on Wall Street as a Securities Research Associate. 
His job is demanding, and he works long hours. But he loves what he does.
Paul always knew he wanted to a be on Wall Street. He also has a fish at home named Guy. 
One of his challenges is that Paul suffers from ADHD. When he doesn't get enough sleep or eat routinely, he can become more easily confused and distracted. So, managing his routine is really important. It's just difficult at times for him to do this well on his own.
Paul also has a new boss and a new client. He really wants to succeed at work. With the new project deadline looming, he needs to do whatever he can to make it a success. 
Paul needs:
  • therapist to help him with his ADHD
  • coach to help him reach his career goals
  • mindfulness exercises

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*Disclaimer - The above videos are actors and not actual customers. The claims are accurate in that using mental health services can provide real benefits to individuals, although actual results may vary.

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